Announcing the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship

A program for ambitious, creative, curious people doing science-centric work.

New Lab is pleased to announce our collaboration with Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation dedicated to inspiring a deeper interest in science, and the launch of the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship. The quarterly fellowship, which launches today with an impressive first class of fellows, provides fertile ground for nurturing, building, and remixing inspired science-based projects that connect research to society.

Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellows, who represent a diverse array of professional fields — including scientists, designers, storytellers, and artists, among others — will spend three months working on research-based projects as part of New Lab’s innovative community in its state-of-the-art space. The program offerings include:

“The Sandbox”: A dedicated studio, with personal workspace for each fellow, at New Lab, an 84,000 square foot space and shared resource

24/7 Access to New Lab: Including Product Realization services and rapid prototyping resources

Community & Mentorship: Fellows have access to a vetted network of influencers, advisors, mentors, funders, and investors—as well as New Lab’s community of over 400 entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers working in emerging technologies

Programming: As part of the New Lab community, fellows have access to its in-house programming and workshops, as well as special Science Sandbox-specific events and opportunities—including weekly lunches, lectures, and brainstorming meetings

Members of the inaugural “Beta Class” of the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship were hand-picked based on the array of important, science-based work they are producing. An introduction to the fellows, who are pursuing diverse, challenging projects as part of the program, follows. (Full bios, and further detail of their work, can be found on the Fellowship website, here.)

Luis Rodriguez Alcalde is a 3D food-printing specialist, electrical engineer, and founder of 3DigitalCooks, which creates innovative new food experiences through 3D food-printing.

Emilie Baltz is a food technologist, experience designer, multimedia artist and educator who inspires meaningful conversations about how, and why, we consume.

Samantha Cole is a freelance science journalist. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, PSFK and Popular Science, and on Vice’s Motherboard.

Jana Grcevich is a data scientist and astronomer whose academic work focuses on dwarf galaxies and interstellar gas. She is the co-author of the forthcoming book “Vacation Guide to the Solar System.”

Ekene Ijeoma is an artist and designer who uses various mediums, including interactive media, to create socially conscious, data-driven artwork.

Charles Philipp, a producer, and Amanda Schochet, a computational ecologist, are the co-founders of MICRO, a fleet of 6 foot-tall museums that introduce science to people in unexpected places.

Campbell Watson is a numerical weather prediction scientist for the Weather Company/IBM Research, where he helps build new models for environmental monitoring and remediation.

“We are thrilled to be working alongside Science Sandbox and launching this fellowship,” said David Belt, the co-founder and CEO of New Lab. “We built New Lab to support ambitious people doing important work in science and technology, and we are delighted to be able to extend our mission even further through this program.”

“New Lab is an inspiring space with remarkable resources,” said Greg Boustead, the program manager for Science Sandbox. “We hope this fellowship will inspire creative applications of science, art and technology. The ultimate goal is to incubate new projects that entice the broader public to explore and better understand emerging research.”

“This fellowship combines our passions: science communication, progressive technology, and manufacturing,” said Charles Philipp, the co-founder of MICRO, who is a fellow along with his co-founder, Amanda Schochet. “Science Sandbox @ New Lab’s approach to bringing these worlds together is unique, and MICRO is thrilled to jump in with an amazing inaugural class.”

“Science offers more than facts, it’s a way of approaching the world through curiosity and experimentation,” said Emilie Baltz, who is a food technologist. “As a Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellow, I’m excited about using science to not only better understand what new materials and processes might inspire my work, but also what new questions it will bring up in my recipe for creativity.”


We are calling all ambitious, creative, curious people doing science-centric work: the application for the 2017 Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship—for 3-month terms beginning on June 1, September 1, and December 1—is now live. Applicants are invited to propose summary briefs for side-projects that draw from science and technology, and that are aimed at connecting their research or expertise to the public in creative ways.

For full information, please visit the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship application page, or contact [email protected]