Introducing Cohort II of the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship

A new group of creative technologists doing important work in sustainability, experiential science, immersive exploration and more.

On June 1, 2017, we welcomed the second cohort of the Science Sandbox @ New Lab fellowship—a dynamic group who will spend three months nurturing, building, and remixing inspired science and technology-based projects that connect research to society.

As with Cohort I, the newest crew of fellows represent a diverse array of professional fields — inspiring unique works that transcend individual categories of creation.

Meet the fellows:

Kat Brice and Chris Lunney are artists who work with the mediums of light, sound, space and motion in order to create immersive experiences.

Kat and Chris hope to use their time in the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship to delve into the world of Symatics – the physical patterns created by particles vibrating in sound fields, creating a physical map of the auditory experience, and to create a finished art work around these concepts.

Grant Goldner is a New York-based Industrial Designer working at the intersection of design and the natural world.

Grant’s project aims to frame oysters, New York’s historic food, as a lens to trace the expansion of our City and the decline of waterway health. Part experiment, part sensory education, Harbor Food is a filtration tank that sits in the Hudson River and explores the possibility of growing edible oysters in polluted waters. The tank passively pumps water using rising tides and gravity through the filtration layers. The first layer contains oysters that remove toxins for layer two—providing potentially clean growing conditions for a second set of potentially edible oysters.

Justin Brice Guariglia is a contemporary visual artist who collaborates with philosophers and scientists to unearth the complexities of our rapidly changing world.

Justin has created the After Ice app in conjunction with development studios Strange Flavour and second verse. Using New York City as a test case, the app explains the imminent threat coastal cities face as sea levels rise over the course of the coming decades. As part of Science Sandbox Justin hopes to bring this app to version 2.0, as well as create a series of installation kiosks that will bring a visceral sense of place to the disarming insights illustrated by After Ice.

Hannah Mishin is a visual artist whose practice encompasses a variety of media. Originally trained as a painter, her work has evolved into a practice rooted in philosophical investigations, particularly how we physically receive stimuli and how those stimuli are calibrated in our consciousness.

Hannah’s project is a laser scanner, camera and projector which captures and projects images simultaneously. POISED will manifest as a unique panoramic image capture and display device in outdoor public places. It captures images using one laser, and, in real time, renders them with a second laser. POISED represents a merging of existing laser scanning and projection technical concepts reconfigured into a unique interactive experiential installation.

Campbell Watson is a numerical weather prediction scientist for the Weather Company/IBM Research, where he helps build new models for environmental monitoring and remediation.

Our first returning fellow, Campbell is installing weather stations at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and at the Ace Hotel in New York City to augment data provided by national meteorological agencies and improve weather forecasts. Campbell is also working on his one-man show, tentatively titled “Storm in a LOGfile” which interprets real-time weather simulations to impart the predictable and chaotic aspects of the atmosphere that surrounds us, and to explore the nature of simulation itself.


We are calling all ambitious, creative, curious people doing science-centric work: the application for the 2017 Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship—for 3-month terms beginning on September 1, and December 1—is now live. Applicants are invited to propose summary briefs for projects that draw from science and technology, and that are aimed at connecting their research or expertise to the public in creative ways.

For full information, please visit the Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellowship application page, or contact [email protected]