Voltaic Systems Relaunches Its Iconic Solar Backpack

Shayne McQuade founded his portable power company, Voltaic Systems, after he found himself stranded in Spain with a drained phone. Voltaic’s first product, a solar backpack, was created to prevent adventurers from being disconnected.

Today, Voltaic (a New Lab member) announced the relaunch of two new, totally reimagined iterations of their iconic backpack: The Array—packed with maximum solar power, it’s the most powerful backpack ever—and The OffGrid, a more streamlined version, capable of charging a camera, smartphone, and even a tablet. (If you need to charge a laptop or drone, the Array is the way to go.)

The Kickstarter campaign for these new generations of Voltaic’s groundbreaking product is now live; find more information, and reserve yours, here.

The OffGrid is the more streamlined version of Voltaic’s reimagined new solar backpacks. The Array (seen at the top of the page) is the most powerful solar backpack ever.