Members enjoy full access to New Lab’s space, prototyping shops, digital manufacturing tools, events, workshops and partner network.

Resident Members

Resident Members have long term leases at New Lab, occupying either studios or reserved workspaces.


Flex Members

The Flex program is curated for non-resident companies, academic institutions, and individuals who are looking to have an annex at New Lab with flexibility of use.


Benefits at a Glance

  • Community

    The New Lab space is designed to encourage collaboration across disciplines, and our community is an evolving roster of thinkers and doers from around the world. Meet our Community

  • Space

    Designed to give companies access to tools and adjacency to one another, over 30% of New Lab is a shared resource including prototyping shops, event spaces, conference rooms, lounges and a full-service cafe. See the Space

  • Prototyping Shops

    Our shops provide fabrication resources that put designers and engineers in close proximity to prototyping with a full wood & metal shop, electronics benches and tools for digital manufacturing. Learn about the Shop

  • Programming

    We host conversations, lectures, classes, workshops and conferences presented by industry experts and technology pioneers from both within our member community and beyond. See all Events

  • Access

    New Lab is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The reception, concierge, shop staff and cafe operate during business hours but members have keycard access 24/7 to the building, the prototyping shops, storage units and the public commons.

  • Network

    New Lab provides access to a vetted network of influencers, advisors, mentors and investors. New Lab staff works closely with Members to help identify professionals in our network providing specialized legal, financial and marketing services to help grow their companies.


Prototyping Shops

Operating 24-7, the ground and mezzanine level fabrication shops are an essential feature of New Lab’s hardware-oriented support for its member companies. Managed and maintained by New Lab staff, each specialized shop area has been designed to facilitate manufacturing design workflow from prototyping to product realization. Through technology partnerships with companies representing the best in their fields, New Lab’s shops supply a range of advanced manufacturing tools and standard workshop amenities.

  • 3D Printing

    A mezzanine level 3D printing shop with PolyJet, SLA and SLS printers combined with our on-demand partnership with industry leaders provides members with a full suite of 3DP capabilities.

  • CNC

    Technology partnerships with industry leaders provide members with both onsite and on-demand CNC milling capabilities.

  • Metal

    A metal shop with MIG and TIG welding capability, grinders, saws, and blasting to achieve most levels of finish for all metals. Here members fabricate test rigs, mechanical mules, large mock-ups and finished pieces.

  • Wood

    The wood shop is geared towards prototyping and mockups. Manual and CNC routing, table and band saws, a drill press, and finishing options are available in a dedicated, ventilated area.

  • Electronic

    Furnished with standard electronic workbench tools, the electronic shop serves as a dedicated lab area for assembly, testing, and diagnostics of circuits and printed circuit boards.

  • Laser

    Large bed-size laser cutters capable of cutting plastic, wood, lightweight metals and composites are provided in the shop.

  • Spray Booth

    A self-contained spray booth allows members to create high end finishes and specialized textures.

New Lab Disciplines

New Lab is an interdisciplinary environment that harnesses advances in sensor technology, robotics, additive manufacturing, material sciences and more.