Partnerships at New Lab offer forward-thinking entrepreneurs and corporations the opportunity to engage in a new model of collaboration, education, and programming.

New Lab offers its corporate members an unprecedented platform to engage in a new model of collaboration and education—and a place to do real, innovative work outside of their daily professional environment.

Our Corporate Partners:

Our Collaborators:

How We Think About Partnerships

  • Exclusive Programming

    New Lab offers exclusive member programming in advanced tech disciplines, and offers a unique space for events, off-sites, executive meetings, and grand challenges.

  • Executive Learning

    New Lab provides a competitive advantage for executives to expand and strengthen their professional understanding of innovation and product development.

  • Product Lab / Prototyping

    New Lab is built to support skunk works and product development; we offer direct access to our expert product realization team and expansive on-site resources.

  • Reaching Experts and Thought Leaders

    New Lab is a place to forge relationships with leading edge entrepreneurs and companies.

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