Partnerships at New Lab offer forward-thinking entrepreneurs and corporations the opportunity to engage in a new model of collaboration, education, and programming.

New Lab offers its corporate members an unprecedented platform to engage in a new model of collaboration and education—and a place to do real, innovative work outside of their daily professional environment.

We're Proudly Building Programs With Our Partners, Including:

  • Nancy Elder, Vice President, Communications, JetBlue—

    “As an airline, we’re always exploring the cutting edge of transportation innovation. New Lab’s community is an incredible spruce of inspiration for improving and refining our offerings.”

  • Aleksandra Mojsilović, IBM Fellow, Data Science—

    "Our Data for Social Good collaboration with New Lab will bring together thought leaders from IBM, New York City and the entrepreneurial community to create tangible solutions for real-world problems."

  • Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO, the Partnership For New York City—

    "New Lab is the most important place in New York City for established companies to collaborate and innovate with start-ups in the application of technology for the next generation of product design and development."

How We Think About Partnerships

  • Exclusive Programming

    New Lab offers exclusive member programming in advanced tech disciplines, and offers a unique space for events, off-sites, executive meetings, and grand challenges.

  • Executive Learning

    New Lab provides a competitive advantage for executives to expand and strengthen their professional understanding of innovation and product development.

  • Product Lab / Prototyping

    New Lab is built to support skunk works and product development; we offer direct access to our expert product realization team and expansive on-site resources.

  • Reaching Experts and Thought Leaders

    New Lab is a place to forge relationships with leading edge entrepreneurs and companies.

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