Technology Partners for New Lab Beta - Announced!

Today was a pretty big day for New Lab.  After a great article in the NY Times hit the stands this morning, we hosted friends and members of the press to the Beta Space to learn more about the amazing people working there and the products and ideas being developed in the 8,000 square foot Beta facility.  

During the event, we were so pleased to announce partnerships with some of the most innovative companies in the world of advanced and sustainable manufacturing.  As part of a long-term effort to provide designers, entrepreneurs, educators, and inventors access to the tools they need to grow and succeed, New Lab is proud to announce partnerships with the following organizations: 

EOS - Made a long term commitment to partnering with New Lab by placing top of the line 3D Printers such as the Formiga P110  laser sintering system in the Beta Space, so innovators can begin developing prototypes and products.

Autodesk - Announced their commitment to providing Beta Space tenants with access to the entire range of Autodesk products and suites free of charge. 

3D Systems - Provided tenants with access to their Cube X printer

Ultimaker - Donated their signature 3D desktop printer