Campbell Watson

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Campbell Watson is a Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellow (2017, term 1). 

Campbell is a numerical weather prediction scientist for The Weather Company/IBM Research, where he helps build new models in environmental monitoring and remediation. He also applies machine-learning algorithms to weather models to help build IBM’s next step in automated weather forecasting. Campbell holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Melbourne (2013) and completed his postdoctoral research at Yale University (2013-2015).

Science Sandbox Project:

For Science Sandbox @ New Lab, Campbell is installing weather stations at the New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yards and at the Ace Hotel in New York City. The weather stations will be mounted and integrated into The Weather Company’s “IoT platform” (via Weather Underground’s personal weather station network) to augment data provided by national meteorological agencies and improve weather forecasts. Campbell will develop online tools to access, visualize and manipulate the observed weather data, and impart the predictable and chaotic aspects of the atmosphere that surrounds us. He also hopes to develop a new work that demystifies the world of weather models, guided by or in collaboration with the other Science Sandbox Fellows during his term.