Charles Philipp

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Charles Philipp is a Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellow (2017, term 1). 

Charles is a producer and the co-founder of MICRO, a fleet of 6 feet-tall museums that introduce people to fundamental scientific principles in the places where they least expect it. Founded in 2016 by Charles and computational ecologist (and Science Sandbox @ New Lab fellow) Amanda Schochet, MICRO’s museums bring designers, scientists, storytellers, and artists together to squeeze the best parts of museums down into boxes that can go anywhere. MICRO’s fleet addresses the core sciences, with a museum on a new topic released every six months. Its first museum was prototyped in 2016, and is about to be released around NYC. The Smallest Mollusk Museum uses 15 exhibits, 5 screens, 8 sculptures, 3 optical illusions, a giant hologram, and a liter of slime to tell a multimillion year story about natural selection and environmental systems.

Science Sandbox Project:
For Science Sandbox @ New Lab, Charles and Amanda will develop the second museum in MICRO’s fleet, The Perpetual Motion Museum. This museum brings together the creative team from the Smallest Mollusk Museum to tell the story of humanity’s age-old struggle to harness and understand energy. MICRO will also be scaling up distribution operations to install the Smallest Mollusk Museum across NYC.