Ekene Ijeoma

Ekene Ijeoma is a Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellow (2017, term 1). 

Ekene Ijeoma is an artist, NYFA Fellow in Design/Architecture and NEW INC member. He uses various mediums, including interactive media, to create socially conscious, data-driven artwork. Ekene’s work has been exhibited at galleries and museums including Annenberg Center for Photography, Neuberger Museum of Art, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Design Museum, and Istanbul Design Biennial. He has presented at events and spaces including New Museum Ideas City, Chicago Architecture Biennial and International Center for Photography, Neuberger Museum of Art, and Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum. Ekene has a BS in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MA in Interaction Design from Domus Academy.

Science Sandbox Project:

For Science Sandbox @ New Lab, Ekene plans to work on America Offline. America Offline (AØL), identifies, maps and profiles the places and people that don’t have an Internet connection – a 2015 Pew Research study puts this number at 15 percent of the US population, or about 47 million people, including one in five blacks and 18 percent of Hispanics. AØL focuses on cities, communities and their access to technology.