Jana Grcevich

Connect with Jana Grcevich

Jana Grcevich is a Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellow (2017, term 1). 

Jana Grcevich is a data scientist and astronomer. Her academic work focuses on dwarf galaxies and interstellar gas. She has always had a strong interest in communicating science to the public, and is co-author of the upcoming book Vacation Guide to the Solar System. She is working on a virtual reality space vacation app with the science experience organization Guerilla Science. Recently she has become fascinated by natural language processing and other subfields of data science, particularly how they can be used artistically. She holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Columbia University (2013) and completed her postdoctoral research at the American Museum of Natural History (2013-2016).

Science Sandbox Project:

For Science Sandbox @ New Lab, Jana is creating interactive visualizations of words and their inter-relationships as represented in a person’s speech and writings. She will identify a diverse set of individuals, living and deceased, and use their publicly available writings as input to her models. Using natural language processing techniques, she will create a three dimensional virtual world for each individual in which the distances between words represent how that person uses them. This word space reveals both obvious and subtle associations between concepts, and gives a window into someone’s mind. The word spaces can be explored by anyone through a web app or virtual reality experience.