Luis Rodriguez Alcalde

Connect with Luis Rodriguez Alcalde

Luis Rodriguez Alcalde is a Science Sandbox @ New Lab Fellow (2017, term 1). 

Luis is a 3D food printing specialist, electrical engineer, maker, and the founder of 3DigitialCooks. Founded in 2012, 3DigitalCooks is a studio that exists to create new, innovative food experiences through 3D food printing. Luis develops recipes, printers, extrusion mechanisms, and design tools. He seeks to engage more people with the process of the 3D printing. In his free time, Luis enjoys movie trailers, fries, and skateboarding.

Science Sandbox Project:

For Science Sandbox @ New Lab, Luis will explore new 3D food printing design tools, with a goal to create approaches that enable anyone to create their own, customized food items. His goal is to make a food design tool as easy to use as a utensil, or as easy to navigate as a menu in a restaurant. During the fellowship, Luis plans to engage with the diverse residents of New Lab and test several design approaches.