David Belt

Cofounder & CEO

Scott Cohen


Jarrod Scuglik

Executive Vice President

Laura McGarrity

SVP of Partnerships

Stephanie Hemshrot

Creative Director + Director of Programming

Shaina Horowitz

Urban Tech Hub Director

Girelle Guzman

Director of Time & Space

Ines Tamaddon

Senior Content Strategist

Alex King

Director of Membership

Vlad Preoteasa

Director of Information Technology

Alexander Susse

Director of Additive Manufacturing

Boris Klompus

Director of Product Realization

Hannah Max

Product Manager

Cody Moy

Events Manager

Briana Ryan

Education Program Manager

Cait Shubick

New Lab City Manager

Hannah Mishin

Product Realization Specialist

Amanda Tuchscherer

Executive Assistant

Haley Robinson

Senior Member Agent

Sofia Santini

Member Agent

Phoebe Swinn

Development Associate

Jax Liu

Finance & Operations Associate

Kemba Ali

Cafe Associate

Ryan Logan

Product Realization Technician
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