This year, Newlab collaborated with organizations to deliver thought-provoking and inspiring programming on topics ranging from the future of healthcare, the impact of quantum computing, and developments in space technologies.

Quantum Day and NYC Quantum Summit

This year, Newlab produced two quantum-focused events that explored topics such as quantum computing, quantum materials, and quantum biology.

Our first event, Quantum Day, hosted in partnership with the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), and sponsored by IBM, features a day of activities and programming focused on quantum technology and its potential impact on a variety of industries.

On November 7th, Newlab and IBM co-hosted the NYC Quantum Summit 2019, which explored the potential impact of future state quantum computing technologies. In addition to interactive demonstrations of quantum hardware and principles, the event featured speakers and startups at the forefront of quantum computing research, as well as speakers from some of the first industries to be impacted by quantum computing technology.

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Annual Showcase

Photo by James Chororos

On October 19, Newlab opened its doors, welcoming over 3,000 people for an evening of member open studios, art & tech installations, food, drinks, and live music. We also launched our inaugural first hour; an exhibit showcasing members who have recently launched new products or have a significant update to share. Our next first hour is planned for January 2020.

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Existential Medicine Series

Existential Medicine is a quarterly series presented by Newlab & Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, with supporting partner EY, exploring technological disruption in the medical field and its impact on the human experience.

In 2019, we explored the following topics:

(A) the science behind gene editing and the morality of altering human DNA in the era of CRISPR (#3: The Genetic Horizon);

(B) the historical intersection of mathematics, technology, and patient care, and the future state of AI within medical practice (#4: Computational Medicine);

(C) gene modification, ethical boundaries of disease and disability in a gene-edited world, and the shifting definitions of disease as the potential for an edited humanity accelerates (#5: CRISPR – Edited Humanity); and

(D) the past, current, and future of personalized medicine from risk identification and early intervention to targeted therapies that leverage genetic outliers (#6: Personalized Medicine).

Newlab in Space: To Brooklyn and Beyond

On October 18, Newlab CEO Shaun Stewart moderated an engaging discussion with Newlab members working in and space and rocket sectors, including AirLev, Pliant Energy SystemsXin Liu and Launcher as part of the Intrepid Innovators Series.