Newlab member company and The Circular City participating startup secures new round of funding, scaling efforts to address urban challenges through data-sharing.

August 2018 —As cities become increasingly dense and complex, demands on transportation systems, communications, and planning do as well. CARMERA, a street-level intelligence platform that builds and maintains real-time HD maps for AVs, recently raised $20M, which will help them continue to improve how we address challenges related to growing urban populations.

Through participation in The Circular City, a signature Newlab City program, CARMERA is engaged with city leaders to explore the future of mobility and how New York can benefit from data sharing. Most notably, CARMERA transformed the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a test-bed, 3D mapping roadways in the 300-acre campus. CARMERA is also testing how their data can address broader urban challenges, such as economic development and resilience.

CARMERA is a leading example of how Newlab is facilitating pathways for urban tech companies to work in partnership with cities, a model that is proving critical to their ability to sustainably scale around the world.

With their latest announcement, the team is working with the City of New York to help make smarter planning decisions; living proof of what data sharing and private-public transparency makes possible. Learn more about CARMERA’s plans for growing their team in New York and what’s coming next in Japan and Korea.

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