Fred Wilson is the co-founder of Union Square Ventures, the New York City-based venture capital firm. He has been an advisor to Newlab since its inception, and he writes daily about a variety of subjects, including net neutrality, on his blog, AVC. (We asked him five questions on a busy afternoon; we’re honored he answered four!)

1. Was the death of net neutrality inevitable, in your opinion?

At some point, when we get to a truly competitive Internet access market, we will not need net neutrality. We are not yet there.

2. We’ve been told that we’re overreacting about the coming implications of the FCC decision. What level of alarm-slash-hysteria is warranted, in your opinion?

This will ultimately be settled in the courts. We need to wait to see how that plays out.

3. If we could start from scratch on Internet regulation, what type of system would you like to see developed (and invest in)?

We should not have given out local monopolies to cable companies—that was what caused this problem.

4. You recently wrote about a company called Ting that is committed to following basic net neutrality rules, despite what the government has to say. Should users be looking to companies that are following their own code of ethics?


This interview was originally published in Tech Fancy Issue 5: The In-Cloud.