Newlab recently launched two Innovation Studios based in Detroit in collaboration with Michigan Central and Ford. We are excited to expand our community to Michigan and foster an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors in areas beyond Brooklyn.

Newlab Remote Membership

Newlab’s Remote Membership is an exclusive program for Michigan companies that are applying transformative technologies such as material science, robotics, A.I., and quantum computing to things that matter.

Member Benefits at a Glance

  • Community network of 800+ entrepreneurs, inventors, and engineers
  • Curated introductions to experts and peers for deeper collaboration
  • Member exclusive programming
  • Pilot opportunities with enterprises and government through our studios
  • Investment opportunities
  • Office hours with subject-matter experts 
  • $100K+ in discounts
  • A suite of online tools


In four years, Newlab membership has increased by over 700%. The aggregate value of our member companies has risen by 1,600%, with over $400M in acquisitions completed. Newlab is committed to developing a dynamic and diverse community — 23% of companies have a female CEO/founder, and 38% of our member companies have relocated to our NYC Headquarters.


Newlab fosters an environment of cross-functional collaboration and knowledge-sharing and members regularly collaborate on new products. Newlab’s dedicated Community Team connects members to experts, services, and resources that are strategically relevant for company-building.

  • JUMP + Voltaic: Dockless bike-share company, JUMP Bikes worked with fellow members and portable solar power innovators, Voltaic Systems to engineer custom solar panels that power smart locks on their electric-assist bicycles.
  • Tarform + Lenscloud: Tarform Motorcycle worked closely with fellow member Lenscloud, using the company’s 13-foot 3D scanner to produce an accurate-as-built CAM drawing of the motorcycles hand-built frame.

Member-Exclusive Programming

Events and programming provide members with meaningful networking opportunities and allow them to hear from subject-matter experts. Examples of events include Entrepreneurship in Uncertain Times and Protecting Your Patents: A Primer for Entrepreneurs.

Pilot Opportunities

Members also have opportunities to pilot technologies. Our Innovation Studios facilitate opportunities for select members to engage with Fortune 500 companies through a defined methodology including workshops, product development sprints, and co-creation studios.

  • Prospect Mining Studio: Pilot sites have been identified in Canada, South Africa, and India to enable selected start-ups to test their solutions to make mining safer, and more sustainable.

Investment Opportunities

To date, Newlab has helped its member companies raise over $700M in capital from more than 400 investment partners, with over $400M of successful exits and a current collective valuation of $2.8B. Our venture arm invests in select member companies and provides guidance through the fundraising process. Beyond that, we collaborate with organizations such as Google X and New York Angels to create opportunities for Newlab members to demo their work and seek investment. 

Office Hours

We support members to allow them to thrive and grow by providing fundraising, marketing, and legal guidance. Professional Guidance and Office Hours are available to Newlab members in the areas of financial modeling, communications, business development, expansion, and marketing.

A Suite of Online Tools

Newlab OS App

A proprietary tool that delivers:
• Community directory of over 800 members
• News and events updates
• Search for resources
• Book consultations

Private Slack Channels
Private member slack workspace to connect with founders and employees at 160+ other member companies across areas of interest and disciplines.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to reach out with any questions by contacting our membership team, you can also apply for membership now through the link below.