Newlab recently partnered with Tektronix, a leading electronics test and measurement equipment manufacturer. The engagement provides Newlab member companies with access to some of the most advanced equipment on the market, with a specific focus on working with 5G, IoT, and other high-frequency radio bands, and brings several of Tektronix’s RF specialist engineers to Newlab to continue developing custom firmware for their equipment.

On November 6,  an introductory session was held in Newlab’s Electronics Lab, presenting the partnership and providing an overview of the equipment’s capabilities. Tektronix has been hard at work developing specialized firmware geared toward 5G and Millimeter Wave and presented a beta version of it pre-installed on their oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, arbitrary wave generators, and RF signal generators. 

The event attracted participants from several Newlab member companies. After all available slots filled up in less than 30 minutes, a second session was scheduled for the same day. Members in attendance include companies developing cameras meant for live-streaming, decentralized location mapping hardware, wireless charging technologies, among other things.

Looking Forward

Through the partnership, Tektronix will be able to connect with  Newlab members using their equipment. This interchange will enable Tektronix to refine their products based on feedback as well as anticipate and prepare the next wave of equipment and feature-sets that will be useful in the emerging future by learning more about the diverse range of projects and products that Newlab member companies are developing. Tektronix is also holding regular office hours for Newlab Members to connect and discuss their projects, allowing Newlab members to tap into the knowledge and expertise of their engineers, both on-site and virtually as they, in turn, develop their own products. 

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