Photos by Anna Louise Imagery

On June 13th Newlab welcomed sixteen top retail innovators to its flagship location in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Representatives from Chanel, Revlon, West Elm, AutoNation, and Avis were present.

The morning began with a compelling presentation and discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the media and the retail sectors by AI specialist Francesco Marconi.  Francesco introduced a framework to effectively apply technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning and computer vision across different areas of business operations.

There were insightful learnings including; the ways in which AI currently delivers improvement in every step of the retail experience from discovery to purchase to delivery and use cases demonstrating how unlocking and harnessing data, the fuel of AI, can propel businesses forward.

The presentation was followed by Connect, a component of our corporate partnership or Studio Model, where we bring forward-thinking enterprises together with relevant Newlab member startups who are focused on the challenges facing their business sector.  Below is a small selection of Newlab member startups focused on retail that participated:

Kara: A marketing production platform that delivers brand-perfect campaign material at scale via machine learning.

Vivar: A platform that helps brands understand how people make purchasing decisions across channels and retailers; by providing a tool that digitizes and personalizes their shopping list through machine learning and natural language processing.

Lenscloud: A 3D scanning technology company based in Brooklyn, NY whose integrated software and hardware solutions streamline photogrammetric processes to support maximum throughput and high quality.

There are a limited number of retail studio partnerships available; to inquire about participation, please email [email protected]