Tarform Motorcycles is the world’s first e-motorcycle with onboard machine learning intelligence and green mobility.

Motorcycles today focus on performance with little innovation in terms of technology, materials, and manufacturing. But as urban centers become increasingly dense, connectivity and sustainability must be applied to evolve how we move. Cue Tarform Motorcycles, a Newlab member company on a mission to set a new standard for two-wheeled transport.

The inspiration behind Tarform Motorcycles came to CEO Taras Kravtchouk while working on a 60-year-old British motorcycle at his garage in Brooklyn, NY. His vision was to apply traditional craftsmanship to a motorcycle for the 21st century; a machine that incorporates biodegradable materials and boasts cutting-edge technology and green mobility.

After extensive development and planning, that vision is now a reality. Tarform Motorcycles have been designed, built, and tested in Brooklyn. This week, the first prototype launched at Newlab. 

The first of it’s kind, Tarform Motorcycles is a representation of the team; a tireless group of tech entrepreneurs, industrial designers, and racing engineers with an affinity for combining innovation and function. This is most apparent in Tarform’s smart system, which will alert riders of unsafe driving conditions, such as slippery roads and traffic jams, and share predictive maintenance when failure patterns are detected. The sensors will soon also collect data around driving behavior and surroundings within metropolitan areas. “Eventually, this can be used to map out traffic flows and make transportation more efficient,” explains Taras.

Tarform’s commitment to help move the needle closer to a zero emission society takes shape through additive manufacturing and a modular system that prolongs longevity and limits waste. Through access to Newlab’s on-site prototyping facilities, member community, and broader network, Tarform worked with EOS to 3D print metal parts, and fellow Newlab members Lenscloud and BigRep to 3D scan and print body panels, creating a scalable and efficient development process. Specific components, such as housing for the headlights, front and rear air vents, and tail light lenses were also printed with biodegradable and recyclable materials.

In the age of machine learning, Tarform Motorcycles is bringing the transportation industry into a new era of manufacturing. It’s about providing the technology to optimize experiences and connect riders to their environment. “While everything is becoming more autonomous and comfortable, we believe that in that process the human spirit becomes more dormant,” Taras affirms. “Our goal is for people to reclaim their sense of freedom.”

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