The Accessible Streets Studio, a collaboration between Ford’s Michigan Central and Newlab, is working toward making everyday life easier to navigate and creating opportunities for Detroit residents by delivering innovative technologies, products, and services to address transportation and accessibility challenges.

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This year, the seven companies below will test their products and services for a limited time in collaboration with Detroit’s neighborhoods. Stay up to date on each of the companies by visiting this page, which will be updated periodically.

Detroit communities and residents are invited to interact with these new products and services for a limited time and provide feedback for the companies to understand how helpful their offerings are for Detroiters. Based on feedback and thoughts from the community and traction with the City and local businesses, some of the products and services may become a permanent option.

Interested in trying one of the products or services below, have a question, or want to share feedback?


Providing people with access to real-time information including transportation resources, updates from the City of Detroit, and tips to help residents and visitors find their way around, presented on solar-powered digital signs with an e-ink display.


Offering people an affordable and reliable way to get local goods delivered, such as groceries, using a self-controlled robot.

Sway Mobility

Electric vehicles offered to Detroiters at affordable rates through a car share program that is designed to expand neighborhood-based transportation options.


Navigation assistance for blind and visually impaired people provided through an app available for download on smartphones that uses audio assistance.

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Park and charge your e-bike, e-scooter, e-wheelchair, and more at a network of charging stations for any mode of electric transportation smaller than a car, whether it is personally owned or part of a shared fleet. 


Making streets and sidewalks safer and more accessible for people by collecting completely anonymized curb-level activity via light pole-mounted sensors, to support urban planning that accounts for everyone, not just cars. 


Solar-powered smart poles that provide access to WiFi and improve street visibility through additional lighting

Mural created by Demaiiico and Dayana Juarez.