Newlab lives at the intersection of hope and action. Our focus is on scaling new ideas and transformative technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. We support our community of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and inventors through investment, venture building and innovation studios, which drive structured collaboration and pilot activity with industry and government partners.


Our Members are our most valuable asset. 

Today, Newlab’s membership includes  200 companies and 800+ entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, engineers, and technologists with a shared vision of advancing frontier technologies to solve the world’s biggest challenges. In line with the growth of our business, we will be systematically expanding our membership base globally, as well as developing a robust expert network with the most brilliant minds across key themes, sectors, and geographies.



We are seeking an extraordinary individual to lead Newlab’s Membership function. The Vice President, Membership will be an integral part of Newlab’s Business team, responsible for systematically scaling Newlab’s core membership and broader expert network to drive business and brand value.  

The Vice President, Membership will be responsible for developing and executing a strategy to attract, connect, activate, and scale this diverse network as Newlab’s system of collective intelligence.  

The Vice President, Membership reports directly to the Chief Business Officer.


Passions and Zones of Genius

  • You are a creative strategist, polymath and passionate curator and have probably been known as a “super connector” your entire life. 
  • You are passionate about advanced technology and motivated by mobilizing people around complex challenges or opportunities. 
  • You have a natural ability to develop diverse networks and intuition around how to connect people in purposeful ways. 
  • You connect easily with a wide variety of stakeholders and have a natural propensity for coalition building.  
  • You are equally comfortable interfacing with highly technical and high net worth individuals as you are with artists and policymakers. 
  • You can quickly assess and map an individual’s superpowers to unlock value across a broader network.

Relevant Experience and Professional Network 

  • You have a deep network across the technology and innovation landscape and experience building dynamic and engaged communities.
  • You have ~10-years of experience in strategic partnerships, ecosystem development, relationship management or external affairs.


Positioning and Standards

  • Use a combination of research insights and intuition to develop a clear and compelling value proposition to attract and retain the most brilliant individuals and companies around the world.  
  • Define standards, common principles, and “rules of engagement”  to ensure consistency and strong culture across the membership.

Curation and Engagement Strategy 

  • Set membership criteria, refine evaluative frameworks and establish review and selection processes. 
  • Define membership curation strategy against Newlab’s strategic priorities and business plan to ensure a strong base of companies and expert coverage across key themes, sectors and geographies. 
  • Lead curatorial efforts and continuously audit the membership to ensure balance and diversity.
  • Create a system to identify potential Members and strategically expand Newlab’s global network; this could include the creation of a scout network or other strategic channel partnerships.
  • Define engagement models, along with incentive frameworks, to drive meaningful participation and bidirectional value creation across the membership. 

Team Management and Internal Collaboration

  • Work closely with Newlab’s Brand and Community teams to create programmatic constructs or initiatives that activate and drive collaboration across the membership. 
  • Maintain visibility across the entire membership journey and work closely with our Brand and Community teams to ensure optimal membership experience.
  • Translate insights and signal from Members into actionable information that can be used to advance business objectives and outcomes. 
  • Refine systems and processes and ensure technology is leveraged to organize and optimize Membership operations.  
  • Recruit and oversee exceptional Membership Directors, Managers and Analysts in line with Newlab’s physical expansion and business growth.


  • Competitive salary
  • Newlab equity
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Professional development stipend