New Lab Immersive: A New Kind of Partnership

New Lab Immersive’s enterprise programs empower leading corporations to innovate with the same human-centered agility as our entrepreneurial community.

Immersive Solutions

New Lab’s Immersive solutions are tailored to specific enterprise needs. Our programs are designed to drive business goals and enable corporations to collaborate with our entrepreneurs through a defined methodology that catalyzes the development of products, creates repeatable agile practices, and allows for experimentation.

We achieve this through three robust programs detailed below.


Immersive workshops are outcome oriented and designed to meet identified business objectives. Each facilitated workshop allows leadership teams to gain insights into disruptive technologies to envision their business potential, ideate actionable opportunities, and apply solutions for immediate, meaningful results. Immersive workshops and can range from 1-3 days in duration.

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Product Development Sprints

Product development sprints use a streamlined process to realize a minimum viable product (MVP) specific to an organization’s needs. Our methodology combines human-centered design with agile product-development models to deliver feasible technology products. The final result is informed by diverse expertise and delivered alongside targeted research, enabling wider exploration and application of those insights.

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Studios are a platform for corporations to address disruption in their business head on through experimentation with emerging technologies. From exploring the digitization of your supply chain to advancing manufacturing best practices, studios are a way to accelerate and scale innovation and pilot new products. Studios are longer-term engagements, lasting 6-12 months.

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Enterprise Partners

Additional Opportunities

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