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New Lab is home to a diverse member community of over 150 companies working in advanced technologies.

Disciplines and technologies include:

Member Highlights


Scaling application-specific quantum computing technology and developing the first Digital Quantum Management System on a chip.


Exploring cures for complex diseases using machine learning – initially focused on a discoverable knowledge graph for Parkinson’s Disease.


Designing UX for AI and machine learning; empowering analysts, researchers, and domain experts to independently manage the interaction between algorithms and data.


Solving the unique challenges of industrial inspection by combining AI, automation and sophisticated imagining to detect flaws and anomalies in manufacturing.

Honeybee Robotics

Building robotic systems for remote and difficult environments, such as Mars, the Earth’s surface and inside the human body.

Variant Bio

Using the enormous power of human genetic diversity to discover a new generation of therapeutics.


Securing physical space on the blockchain through an open protocol that harnesses the power of Ethereum with cryptographic software.

Pliant Energy

Designing underwater robots and energy systems that address high-impact oceanic challenges.
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