The days of easily disrupting markets with iterations of existing technology are waning. Creating value through planned obsolescence and optimized supply chains is no longer interesting or acceptable to a marketplace with high expectations of performance, functionality and quality. Moving beyond our current commercial and financial understanding of ‘innovation’ will require transformative ideas and approaching challenges with an experimental mind frame, compelling insights and a focus on the human element.

The 2019 Core77 conference will take place on October 4th at New Lab. The presenters at this one-day event are a wide range of thought leaders, industry experts, academics and visionaries working at the forefront of design and technology.

The future will be a tech-oriented world, but one with an optimistic view, emphasizing the notions of inclusion, sustainability, and cooperation as we transition into an economy more mindful of our own impact on the planet and the people who live here. What future do you want, and how can you prepare for the next wave to hit the world of design? What practices need to be lifted up, and which ones should be left in the dust?

Join us in a forum to discuss what is next for Design