Event Recap

As the world faces increased climate and environmental stressors and farmers continue to fight for economic viability, innovations and technological solutions that produce and distribute food sustainably are becoming increasingly important. New methods and interventions that enable farmers to meet the needs of a growing population, while also curtailing waste, optimizing the use of finite resources, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring economic viability are critical to building a resilient and sustainable agriculture industry.

In this hour-long discussion, the audience will hear from innovation executives, academics, and public research institutions on how they are advancing sustainable agriculture practices, barriers to adoption, and areas of the agriculture industry that are ripe for innovation and technological solutions that promote sustainability.

Shannon Schlecht – Executive Director, AURI


  • Katie Hoard – Global Director of Agricultural Innovation & Sustainability, Anheuser Busch InBev
  • John Reich – Scientific Program Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
  • Joseph Affholter – Director of the MTRAC AgBio Innovation Hub, Michigan State University
  • Christina Ferzli – Head of Global Corporate Affairs and Communications, Ocean Spray Cranberries