Event Recap

Transformative technology and advanced research is helping to build the future of mobility in a way that benefits everyone, with Michigan emerging as a leader. From startups and entrepreneurs, to academic researchers and universities, to the recently launched Mobility Studio, led in partnership by Newlab, Michigan Central, and Ford, a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders are leading innovative initiatives aimed at creating a connected, autonomous, and electrified world.

Join Shaina Horowitz (VP of Products and Programs, Newlab) and our panel of industry, academic and civic experts as they discuss how they are leveraging transformative technology, applied research and real-world testbeds to accelerate advancements in mobility.


Moderated by:

Shaina Horowitz — VP of Products and Programs, Newlab


  • Roshni Shokar — Startup & Entrepreneur Engagement, Michigan Central
  • Huei Peng — Director, MCity
  • Alisyn Malek — CEO & Founder, Middle Third
  • Maggie Shannon — Michigan Associate Director, Cavnue
  • Raggeria Goddard— Global Innovation Manager, General Motors