Event Recap

Join us on December 9th for the 2020 Circular City Studio virtual showcase. This year’s startup cohort will provide an inside look at the data and insights generated from their pilots conducted across New York City since January.

The Circular City program was established with support from NYCEDC and invites entrepreneurs to test and pilot solutions designed to address the increasingly complex and urgent challenges facing our city. The program aims to make New York a more equitable, livable, and resilient city for all.

The virtual showcase will feature:

  • A look at each of the cohort’s technologies and products
  • Key insights and takeaways from each of the pilots
  • Moderated discussion with the startup cohort on the value of working with civic stakeholders to pilot their products and services and generate data to benefit New Yorkers  



Aclima (San Francisco, CA & Brooklyn, NY) deploys and manages region-wide sensor networks to provide transformative visibility into air pollution and emissions and accelerate climate action.

Algramo (Santiago, Chile) builds a smart dispensing system that makes household cleaning products, detergents and other consumer products accessible, affordable and zero waste. It allows customers to pay the lowest price per ounce, and buy only as much as they need by refilling their Algramo packaging.

Sapient Industries (Philadelphia, PA) provides a turn-key plug load management solution that couples an enterprise SaaS web application with a comprehensive deployment of smart plugs and smart power strips for commercial buildings; enabling a data-driven approach to increasing the energy efficiency of the built environment .