Since its emergence, COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, and the crisis is far from over. Meeting the unique challenges it poses in the months to come will require companies to plan differently, work differently, and communicate differently. Welcome to the New Normal.

We’ll be speaking with communications experts and industry veterans to hear their perspectives on leadership communications in a time of crisis, how communications content and methods are rapidly changing and what companies need to plan for in the coming months. You’ll walk away with a communications playbook and tools to better communicate with your team, customers, and partners during this unprecedented time of change.

Moderated by:

Lynn Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer, Newlab

Featuring Special Guests:

– Julianna Richter, Partner, US, Waypoint Partners
– Jonathan Rosen, Principal & Co-Founder, BerlinRosen
– Mary Cunney, Chief Communications Officer, Nanotronics