Event Recap

Local transportation challenges are inextricably linked to broader issues of equity and can have pervasive, systemic impacts on a community. Today more than ever there is an opportunity to apply emerging technologies to support equitable planning and innovative service delivery to unlock opportunities for residents—from making everyday life more navigable to increasing access to essential resources, services and employment, and fostering safe and welcoming streets.

Join Newlab for an hour-long discussion with entrepreneurs, academic researchers, community leaders, and local officials, who are on the front lines of developing policies, partnerships and solutions to improve mobility at the neighborhood level and address challenges that sit at the nexus of transportation and health, prosperity, and community. Using Detroit as a case study, the conversation will delve into local learnings with broader implications for cities across the country.

Moderated by:

Tierra Bills — Assistant Professor, Wayne State University


  • Mark Crawford — CEO & CTO, Interplai
  • Jean Ruestman — Administrator, Office of Passenger Transportation, MDOT
  • James Courtney — External Engagement, Michigan Central, Ford