In November, we welcomed part one of the Existential Medicine series, The New Biotech Frontier, which focused on the rise and impact of laboratory grown body parts, blood cells, and organoids.

In part two, we unpack Augmented Humanity and the human body as a connected device. Underscoring the importance of emotional intelligence, we ask: how can this technology build upon the most powerful humanistic attributes that differentiate us from machines? The evening will explore the future of surgical robotics, connected implants, and what augmentations mean for human performance, the body, and medicine.

Conversation will be moderated by Nadja Oertelt, CEO and co-founder of Massive, a media company that works directly with scientists, doctors and engineers to translate cutting edge research. She is a former researcher with a background in neuroscience from MIT, and has worked as a science media producer — most recently at Mashable and Harvard. She works at the intersection of science, art, storytelling and technology.

6:30 PM Doors Open
7:00 PM Program Begins
Light bites and drinks to follow

@ JLABS – 101 6th Ave, Fl 3