Event Recap

About Newlab:

Newlab is a community of experts and innovators based in Brooklyn applying technology to solve big systemic challenges across health, mobility, infrastructure, and the environment.

About the event:

This virtual event will give attendees an inside look at the Newlab community, which has grown from 23 companies to 170 since opening in 2016, with an aggregate value of $2.8B and over $400M in acquisitions and investments across member companies such as; JUMP, Seeqc, Nanotronics, Launcher, and CARMERA.

In this session, you’ll hear from Pietro Filardo, CEO and Founder of Pliant Energy Systems, a company that conceptualizes, patents and develops highly novel technologies in the fields of marine robotics, propulsion, electricity generation, and pumping. Pietro will speak about his experience in growing a company at Newlab, and how companies like Pliant Energy have been supported through Newlab’s resources.

What you’ll take away:

In this session, we will walk through how joining the Newlab community can support your company, including:

  • Benefits of being part of one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems
  • Collaboration opportunities with our rich community of engineers and inventors
  • Prototyping and product realization facilities
  • Investment opportunities through quarterly pitch events to premier funds and organizations
  • Industry access through our studio programs

The info session will also include a live Q&A portion to answer any questions you may have before applying for Newlab Membership.

About Pietro Filardo

Pietro worked for the famed New York architect Philip Johnson before returning to renewable energy concepts he first pondered while earning a degree in marine biology and oceanography. After being awarded a series of patents, he set up Pliant’s research lab with funding from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, USDA, and NYSERDA. Pliant’s lab has turned Pietro’s foundational insights into a series of technologies with applications that go beyond renewable energy, including the company’s swimming/ice-skating Velox robot. Pliant is currently working on a self-powered pump for streams and rivers, funded by a Phase II SBIR grant from the US Dept. of Energy.