Event Recap

The Mobility Studio draws on Detroit’s legacy as the birthplace of the automobile industry, making it the perfect place for Newlab’s model of collaborative, diverse, and dynamic innovation. Led by Ford, Michigan Central, and Newlab, the Studio will deliver on our electrified, connected, and autonomous future by building, testing, and launching new mobility concepts in collaboration with leading industry experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors. To shape its future as an innovation capital redefining how people and goods move across cities, regions, and the world, Newlab will support the overall development of Michigan’s ecosystem, making the pie bigger for everyone, and helping local startups to stay, grow, and thrive there.

As the auto industry moves towards widespread electrification, the Mobility Studio is supporting the advancement of technologies, product collaborations, and business models that drive a cleaner transportation future. By 2040, commercial fleets are expected to adopt nearly 15 million EVs in the US. Commercial fleets, present a transformational opportunity for teams across disciplines to design, and launch pilots that make it technically feasible and commercially viable for fleets to electrify and support a sustainable energy future.

Open Call Deadline: June 2