Event Recap

Venture studios represent a relatively new form of entrepreneurship—one where founders pair up with industry experts, advisors, talent and back-office support rather than going it alone. Unlike accelerator or incubator programs, venture studios are there from the start of the company creation process, may pre-date founders and CEOs, and vary widely in how they are structured. Venture studios primarily differ in terms of ideation processes, how or when founders are brought in, availability of capital and their ownership stake. 

Join Shaun Stewart (CEO, Newlab) for an intimate discussion where we explore the wide variety of approaches to the venture studio model, and how entrepreneurs can work with them to build and create new and impactful companies.

Moderated by:
Shaun Stewart — CEO, Newlab


  • Wendy Tsu — Partner, New Business Ventures, AlleyCorp
  • Tom Hunt —Technology Scout, X, the moonshot factory (formerly Google X)
  • Fernando Gómez Baquero — Director of Runway and Spinouts, Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute (Cornell Tech)