Event Recap



About Newlab:

Newlab is a community of experts and innovators based in Brooklyn applying technology to solve big systemic challenges across health, mobility, infrastructure, and the environment.


About the event:

This virtual event will give attendees an inside look at the Newlab community, which has grown from 23 companies to 170 since opening in 2016, with an aggregate value of $2.8B and over $400M in acquisitions and investments across member companies such as JUMP, Seeqc, Nanotronics, Launcher, and CARMERA.

In this session, you’ll hear from Jessie Lazarus, Vice President of Go-to-Market at CARMERA, a spatial AI company built on the revolution of vehicular crowdsourcing and remote sensing to capture street-level change. Jessie will speak about her experience in growing a company using computer vision at Newlab, and how companies like CARMERA have been supported through Newlab’s resources.


What you’ll take away:

In this session, we will walk through how joining the Newlab community can support your company, including:

  • Benefits of being part of one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems
  • Collaboration opportunities with our rich community of engineers and inventors
  • Prototyping and product realization facilities
  • Investment opportunities through quarterly pitch events to premier funds and organizations
  • Industry access through our studio programs

The info session will also include a live Q&A portion to answer any questions you may have before applying for Newlab Membership.