Event Recap

The COVID-19 crisis has created some of the world’s biggest challenges across economies and healthcare systems. In March, an anticipated ventilator shortage was a primary healthcare threat.

Newlab was uniquely positioned to address these challenges and respond to the crisis. We brought a team of engineers, designers, and clinicians, and key strategic stakeholders together to rapidly design, manufacture, and scale production of a low-cost automatic resuscitator.

Using our studio model—where we convene, startups, government agencies, corporations, researchers, and funding partners to create innovative solutions in response to unique challenges—as the framework, we partnered with Newlab member 10XBeta and local manufacturer Boyce Technologies.  The newly-formed team created a new medical device company capable of producing and distributing the Spiro Wave, a clinically viable, low-cost automatic resuscitator that helps hospitals expand their capacity to care for patients with critical ventilation needs. In less than six weeks, the team designed, manufactured, and received FDA Emergency Use Authorization for the device, and secured an initial order of 3,000 units to be delivered to NYC hospitals through a partnership with the NYCEDC.

Please join Shaun Stewart, CEO of Newlab, for a discussion about how the team came together, how the project went from concept to patient, and how this model is replicable for high priority challenges across government and corporate use cases.

Moderated by:

Shaun Stewart, CEO, Newlab

Featuring Special Guests:

– Scott Cohen – CEO, Spiro Devices, LLC & Co-Founder, Newlab
– Marcel Botha – CPO, Spiro Device, LLC & Founder and CEO, 10xBeta
– Sabrina Varanelli – Regulatory Advisor, Spiro Devices, LLC & CEO, Nemedio
– Alexander H Slocum, Jr., MD, PhD – Clinical Advisor, Emergency Ventilator Response & Resident Physician at the Medical College of Wisconsin