Event Recap

Can robotics and automated processes help us reimagine mining? From extraction and transportation of materials, to the operational processes that control and monitor mining sites, advances in robotics present safer, more efficient ways to address mining’s biggest challenges.

Hear from two Prospect Mining Studio startups pioneering the integration of advanced robotic systems that will create a global impact on the industry.

Whether you work in the mining industry, are interested in potential investment opportunities, or you are a company with a compelling technology, you will walk away with an understanding of key challenges in mining and emerging technologies that could be groundbreaking for the industry.


Moderated by:

Anita Bertisen – Program Director, Operational Technology & Business Improvement, Newmont Corporation

Special Guests:

  • Raffi Jabrayan – Director of Markets & Industries, Exyn Technologies
  • Pietro Filardo – Founder and CEO, Pliant Energy Systems