Event Recap

Prospect Mining Studio—a partnership between Indian mining conglomerate, Vimson Group and Newlab—is building, piloting, and scaling frontier technologies that will advance the natural resource and mining industries with a focus on sustainable and socially responsible solutions.

Novel advances in chemistry and biology are being adapted to address one of the mining industry’s biggest challenges: waste. In this Prospect Mining Studio webinar, four startups from the 2020 cohort will present compelling solutions that improve ore processing, remediate waste, and contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Whether you work in the mining industry, are interested in potential investment opportunities, or you are a company with a compelling technology, you will walk away with an understanding of key challenges in mining and emerging technologies that could be groundbreaking for the industry.

Moderated by:

Scott Banta, PhD – Vice Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

Featuring special guests:

– Apoorv Sinha – CEO, Carbon Upcycling Technologies
– Ray Sambrotto – President and Chief Science Officer, Allied Microbiota
– Michael Wyrsta – Co-Founder & CEO, Lixivia