Event Recap

Mining companies around the globe have strengthened their corporate sustainability goals in recent months amid concerns to act on climate change. Many are setting emissions targets and positioning operations to supply products that are more climate friendly and play their part in advancing net zero carbon goals across the supply chains of various industries. Whether it’s the use of rare earth metals required in EV batteries or engineering supply chain infrastructure to enable the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel for heavy haul trucks, the global energy transition hinges on a mining industry that is actively deploying disruptive innovation to abate its carbon footprint.

Join us on Thursday, September 9th for a moderated discussion focused on how the mining industry should execute on sustainability goals, the technologies that will enable mining operations to meet net zero carbon, and the challenges and opportunities that the industry will need to face along the way.

Moderated by:

  • Roby Stancel — Advisor, Prospect Mining Studio


  • Howard Schmidt — CTO, Quidnet Energy
  • David Brown — CEO and Co-Founder, BroadBit Batteries
  • Graeme Stanway — Director, Electric Mine Consortium

About Prospect Mining Studio

Prospect Mining Studio—a partnership between Indian mining conglomerate, Vimson Group and Newlab—enables innovative teams to build, pilot, and scale solutions that drive enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency; bring innovation from adjacent industries that have thus far not been applied to mining; and attract private capital to the industry.