As corporations continue to navigate their approach to innovation, active startup partnerships and pilots are key opportunities for the entrepreneur and mining operator to come together. 

Join Satish Rao, Newlab’s Chief Product Officer, as he discusses Prospect Mining Studio’s approach to innovation in a legacy industry. He’ll be in conversation with Roby Stancel, program advisor, and partner at VCI and Lesley Warren, director at Lassonde Institute of Mining, followed by a discussion with two members of the Prospect Mining Studio cohort, Phoenix Tailings and LexSet.

Whether you work in the mining industry, are interested in potential investment opportunities, or you are a company with a compelling technology, you will walk away with an understanding of key challenges in mining and emerging technologies that could be groundbreaking for the industry.

Prospect Mining Studio—a partnership between Indian mining conglomerate, Vimson Group and Newlab—is building, piloting, and scaling frontier technologies that will advance the natural resource and mining industries with a focus on sustainable and socially responsible solutions.