Join us for an afternoon briefing on the topic of urban design in New York City with Neil Gagliardi, the Director of Urban Design at the ​NYC Department of Transportation, to learn about a diverse array of projects within the public right of way. Neil will kick off the briefing with a presentation on the Urban Design team, its core functions, projects and initiatives, which will be followed by a Q+A session.

Urban Design focuses on place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability to foster design fitness. The team develops a comprehensive vision for a project area and mobilizes the intra- and inter-agency resources needed to bring that vision to life. Specifically, Urban Design provides in-house design and planning services and sponsors, manages and implements capital and pilots projects at multiple scales.

Further, the unit serves as liaison to the Public Design Commission and Landmarks Preservation Commission. As the originator and steward of the Street Design Manual, Urban Design is at the forefront of the agency’s programmatic and policy development. The El-Space Initiative is emblematic of the team’s planning, design and policy undertakings.