We are pleased to be a part of Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, as a stop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Excursion.

Attendees will get a glimpse into the past, present & future of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, including an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of New Lab, to meet the entrepreneurs who are working to build their vision for the future through AI, robotics, blockchain, clean tech, and more:

  • Taste the future of hyper-local food production with micro-greens from Farmshelf’s vertical farming units.
  • Learn how StrongArm Tech‘s IoT sensors and machine learning algorithms are working to eliminate workplace injuries.
  • See just how good sustainable design can look with Tarform‘s new breed of electric motorcycles.
  • Enjoy a specialty coffee from Truebird‘s automated micro-cafe.
  • Meet 10XBeta’s Care-E, a friendly robotic airport concierge designed to make the future of airport experience more enjoyable.
  • Step into Shared Studio‘s immersive Portal to come face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal as though you were in the same room.