Honeybee Robotics

Honeybee Robotics develops advanced robotic and electromechanical systems that operate in challenging environments in space and on Earth. The company serves as a research and development partner to help solve customers’ unmet needs with robotic systems that extend and enhance capabilities. Much of its work involves engineering for extreme and unstructured environments, where off-the-shelf systems are insufficient. Its services span the full development cycle, from early-stage feasibility studies and concept generation, to design and prototyping, to system integration, and deployment for final applications. Based in New York, the company maintains satellite offices in Longmont, CO and Pasadena, CA.

Since 1983, Honeybee Robotics has completed more than 400 projects for NASA, the US Department of Defense, academia, and industry. Its work spans sectors including planetary exploration, spacecraft systems, medical devices, infrastructure monitoring, manufacturing, and energy. Among other projects, the company has contributed systems to the last three generations of NASA’s Mars rovers, including the first tool to access the interior of rocks on Mars (the Rock Abrasion Tool on the Mars Exploration Rovers) and the first tool to sample ice on Mars (the Icy Soil Acquisition Device on the Mars Phoenix Lander).

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