Kisi develops cloud technology to build secure access control systems that use a combination of sensors and mobile devices to grant building access to authorized personnel. Designed for commercial and enterprise applications, the Kisi system provides an added layer of intelligence and enhanced experience at all access points of a facility.

The system software streamlines access management for operations teams while generating sophisticated data visualizations and personnel tracking for advanced IT departments. For the user, Kisi works in the background to detect their presence and unlock doors for them as they approach. Based at New Lab in Brooklyn, the company’s engineering campus is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since 2012, Kisi has been installed in hundreds of modern offices, campuses, data centers, and high-traffic facilities across the globe. In 2013, the team participated in TechCrunch Disrupt and won New York City’s Next Big Idea Competition for their modern approach to access control. Clients include Cushman & Wakefield, TechStars, Oscar Insurance, Harry’s, and many other fast-growing innovators.

Kisi’s mission is to devise innovative solutions to critical inefficiencies in access management and physical security.

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