New Lab Fellowship

Opening our doors to outside thinking, New Lab’s fellowship program offers visiting talent unique opportunities to foster passions, develop new thinking, and iterate on-site.

New Lab Fellowship

New Lab’s a fellowship program provides fertile ground for nurturing, building and remixing inspired projects at the edge of technology, science and the arts. 

New Lab fellows spend up to three months working on projects on-site at New Lab, with access to its state-of-the-art space, community and Product Realization services. Please check back soon for the next opportunity to apply.

What is the fellowship?

The New Lab fellowship is a hybrid residency/incubator fellowship program. Projects can be prototypes or proof-of-concept in nature. Although mentors and other resources are available to help guide progress, each project will be self-directed by each Fellow for the duration of his or her residency. Meet current and previous fellows here.

Who are the fellows?

The program is for scientists, designers, storytellers, artists and creative technologists who embrace self-directed experimentation and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. This fellowship is intended to complement the work of full-time professionals or graduate students.

Where is it?

Housed in a dedicated studio at New Lab, this program is designed to create meaningful touch points between the Fellows and New Lab’s robust community of members, companies, and programs.

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