New Lab Immersive: A New Kind of Partnership

New Lab Immersive brings people and technology together to push the boundaries on what’s next.

New Lab Immersive

Our Immersive program empowers leading corporations to innovate with the same human-centered agility as our entrepreneurial community. New Lab’s immersive collaborations between entrepreneurs, corporations, and cities result in the advancement of technology, the enrichment of the broader community, and create a place to experiment together in order to solidify visions and to materialize change.

We achieve this through four robust product offerings which are detailed below.

Frontier Programs

Immerse your team in the elements of New Lab and cultivate passion for the frontiers that lie ahead. We believe in fostering a culture of experimentation and creating shared experiences for exploring what is possible.

The Dive: Reveals and explores the technologies of tomorrow, today.

Pattern Recognition: Delivers a mind-blowing, yet accessible, look at the future of synthetic biology, meta materials, 3D printing, and augmented reality.

The Artifact: Guides participants through new kinds of product-development cycles—an introduction to additive manufacturing (3D scanning and printing), embedding smart sensors (IoT), and creating a smart computing layer (AI).

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Corporate Immersion

This year-round corporate partnership provides a front-row seat to the technological innovation happening at New Lab. New Lab's Immersive team works closely with our partners to foster a brand exchange that allows for a deeper understanding of our vibrant community, special access to events and spaces, and exciting opportunities to engage with and support our entrepreneurs.

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Co-Create With Us

Our Co-Create program inspires creativity, innovation, and experimentation. We work with each partner to determine how their objectives intersect with the New Lab mission. We help create new products and ventures through customized product labs, incubation or business beta spaces, programming, and workshops.

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Partner with New Lab City

New Lab City creates public-private partnerships to bring together innovators and cities in meaningful ways. Our inaugural New Lab City programs are taking place in New York, Copenhagen, and Barcelona.

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Immersive Partners

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