Newlab Member Companies Turn Attention to the COVID-19 Crisis

By Newlab / March 24, 2020
100 Mevo Plus Pro Bundles ready to deliver to NYC Department of Education
100 Mevo Plus Pro Bundles ready for delivery to the NYC Department of Education.


With the coronavirus pandemic at hand, the collaboration and ingenuity of our incredible member companies is an inspiration and much-needed source of positivity. Many are pivoting to focus on solutions to the Coronavirus in real-time, inventing DIY solutions and taking on critical challenges presented to them by city and state officials. Newlab is also working closely with the Brooklyn Navy Yard to mobilize engineering talent, tools, and other resources to turn our building, a former shipbuilding facility, into a factory of solutions for this crisis.

We will update this page as Newlab member companies continue to expand their efforts. If you are interested in collaborating, please email, [email protected].


Efforts underway by the Newlab community include:

March 26: AppliedXL, a Newlab Venture Studio company, in partnership with The Boston Globe and leading medical and health publication, STAT News, launched HealthXL. The online tool provides context and data around COVID-19 cases and the pandemic’s broader impact on both individuals and organizations. Currently, the tool mines public and private datasets—combining them into a single online dashboard, starting with aggregated data from The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at John Hopkins University, state-level Departments of Health, and other official sources from countries around the world. The team is also building an API for other data scientists, researchers, and technologists to easily access these invaluable datasets. 

March 26: Newlab is coordinating with New York City and the Brooklyn Navy Yard to facilitate funding for face shields produced by Bednark, Duggal, and Boyce in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The goal of the effort is to deliver 120k units per week to the City. On March 25—the first day of production—the team assembled 11,040 masks. read more in The New York Times.

Mevo has donated 100 of its high-end, 4K live-streaming cameras to New York City public schools and an additional 100 to other organizations in need of video communication capabilities in the wake of the outbreak. 

Numina began a tweet series with insights on the impact of Coronavirus and social distancing measures from Numina sensors around the world, starting with New York City. 

Partsimony, a cognitive supply chain platform, is working with SecondMuse and other community leaders in NYC as a COVID-19 task force to address medical supply shortages (N95 masks, ventilators, surgical masks, protective wear, etc.).

• The Newlab HE3AT Program—an advanced application of STEAM education for Brooklyn South public high school students—is continuing with virtual mentorship and already coordinated with New York’s DOE to distribute 200 laptops to Brooklyn high school students.

• Over 130,000 New Yorkers seek medical attention daily—but now, clinics have become hazardous zones, leaving those with serious acute and chronic illnesses few options. Newlab member entrepreneur, physician, and MD PhD Fabio Thiers of Ponto Care is innovating a solution for secondary health challenges that result from the Coronavirus pandemic—aiming to facilitate doctor-ordered medical exams at the place/time of patients’ choosing.

SquareRoots is donating its harvests to Rethink Food NYC, an organization working closely with public officials and restaurants to make meal distribution possible during this crisis.

 • Ultimaker has collaborated with Newlab to create a print hub for NYC emergency medical part printing. Elsewhere, Ultimaker has made its global network of 3D printing hubs, experts, and designers directly available to hospitals in need of tools and applications that are short in supply and can be quickly produced with 3D printing. The Newlab hub includes both Ultimaker expertise and process and design support from the Newlab additive manufacturing experts.

Quatcare, which produces a new kind of antimicrobial/antifungal/antiviral technology that has a wide range of applications for creating durable, antimicrobial surfaces—filtration systems, walls, furniture, industrial and medical equipment, clothing, bedding, construction products—is working to develop a new line of offerings, including a hand cream that provides several hours of protection against harmful microbes. Quatcare is pivoting its efforts to test its technology on the novel Coronavirus, with a focus on preventing transmission among healthcare professionals most at risk.

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