Streets Studio

Connecting neighborhoods by solving mobility challenges

A collaboration between Michigan Central and Newlab, the Accessible Streets Studio focuses on making everyday life more navigable and creating opportunities for the residents of Detroit. The Studio, which will ultimately live within the Michigan Central innovation district in Corktown, will aim to connect communities around Michigan Central Station by developing solutions to address mobility challenges and bridge accessibility gaps.

The Studio will bring together Detroiters, civic stakeholders, startups, and industry experts to co-design high-impact, innovative solutions to address community needs in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Be part of Detroit’s multimodal future. The Accessible Streets Studio seeks partners invested in creating opportunities and shaping more equitable mobility systems.

Focus Areas
An easier first and last mile

In a sprawling city like Detroit, public transportation options can be limited or prohibitively far away. Meeting residents where they are helps connect the dots to create more navigable neighborhoods.

Safe streets for all

Enhanced mobility means rethinking modes of transportation from the ground up. This means streets that are more hospitable for pedestrians, people with disabilities, public transit riders, and people using micro-mobility services.

Access to information

New services and existing initiatives need to be able to talk to each other—and to those using them every day. Making transportation information systems more connected and intuitive will enhance many elements of Detroiters’ lives, from the daily commute to intercommunity travel.

Access to essential services

Even basic necessities like groceries can be out of reach without access to transportation. New mobility services are a gateway to opportunities and essential resources for employment, healthcare, education, and more.

About Michigan Central

Michigan Central is a new mobility innovation district in Corktown, Detroit. It is a sustainable community of new and revitalized buildings, shared spaces, a first-of-its-kind mobility testing platform, and 1.2 million square feet of commercial space. It will serve as an open platform for partnerships, drawing leading entrepreneurs, researchers, and technologists from Detroit and around the world to co-create and test new products and services on real-world streets, in real-world situations. The ecosystem will address urban transportation challenges, improve mobility access for everyone, and develop technologies to help prepare for a more connected, autonomous and electrified world ahead.

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