Applied XL

Fast Company Innovation by Design Finalist in Social Good and Honorable Mention in Health

Applied XL is an information company building data systems to track the health of people, places, and planet to enable resilient organizations. Applied XL combines computational journalism and expert networks to power information products with real-world utility.

In response to the pandemic crisis, Applied XL partnered with leading health publication STAT and the Center on Rural Innovation, developed a global COVID-19 tracker and County Preparedness Index. The platform, which aggregates comprehensive data on COVID-19 cases globally and assesses every U.S. county’s preparedness to address the pandemic, is being used by health journalists such as STAT News and experts around the world to navigate the crisis.  

AppliedXL is currently expanding its information systems to empower decision makers to navigate other shifts in human health, local infrastructure and climate change through expert-vetted data.

Applied XL COVID-19 Tracker Partners


STAT delivers fast, deep, and tough-minded journalism about health, medicine, life sciences and the fast-moving business of making medicines.

Center On Rural Innovation

The Center On Rural Innovation (CORI) is a national nonprofit action tank designing and building maps and data visualization tools that illustrate the economic challenges and opportunities that lie in rural America.


Founded in 2015 with the idea of transforming data into text, in an automatic, smart and scalable way, Narrativa developed AI technology that takes complex data sets and transforms them into human narratives.

COVID-19 Tracker Overview

Monitoring Infection Rates

The immediate data science work of the tracker focused on mining public and private datasets, combining them into one data dashboard and explorer, starting by aggregating and normalizing data from various sources including Narrativa, John Hopkins University, The Covid Tracking Project, The World Bank, United States Census Bureau, among others. As communities around the U.S. and world begin to reopen, COVID-19 infection rates are top of mind for many. Furthering Applied XL’s work to bring truth to media, health, and humanity, Applied XL expanded the COVID-19 Tracker to include data around infection rates and trends over time so people can better understand if conditions are improving where they live.

Monitoring Health Preparedness

Using data from the Center on Rural Innovation, AppliedXL launched Health Preparedness Scores by county inside its COVID-19 Tracker. The score itself is a rating between one and 100 that measures a particular county’s readiness to meet the COVID-19 threat. The attributes that determine the score are wide-ranging, including the number of hospital beds within a 40-minute drive, local medical staff, socioeconomic and demographic indicators, as well as models specific to the expected spread of COVID-19.