Blue Energy Studio

Advancing towards a future powered by renewable energy

The renewable energy sector is one of the fastest-growing infrastructure categories in the world, with significant investment and policy shifts supporting its global adoption. The Blue Energy Studio will work with industry and civic partners in collaboration with experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors to streamline the investigation and installation of new sites for renewable energy generation, improve efficiency in site operations, and optimize power distribution to energy grids.

With Ørsted as Newlab’s first partner for the Studio, the initial focus will be offshore wind. As the world’s largest developer of offshore wind power and a leader in renewable energy sources, Ørsted is well-positioned to leverage emerging technologies to advance near-future and long term goals for offshore wind capacity. By partnering with Newlab, Ørsted will engage with early stage ventures working in cutting-edge technologies that can be applied across the business. This partnership is the first of its kind for Ørsted’s Innovation Hub, which leads open innovation challenges and technology scouting for pilots with its Asset Projects.

The Blue Energy Studio will accelerate its partners’ competitive edge in step with policy changes that support the sector’s growth, driving towards cost savings while improving safety and environmental impact.

Studio Partner
Studio Partner

The Blue Energy Studio is open to strategic collaboration with industry, civic, and investment partners along with early stage companies working in transformative technologies. Private and public sector collaboration can influence how the generation, transmission, and consumption of energy work to create a more integrated and resilient system. Get in touch to inquire about opportunities.
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Focus Areas
Investigation and Installation

Streamline renewable energy deployment by reducing the time and capital required to investigate new sites and deploy installations. Site investigation for an offshore wind site can take between 5-8 years and cost up to $150M.

Operations and Maintenance

New models and systems for performance optimization, predictive maintenance, communications and installing improvements without compromising environmental integrity.

Power Distribution

Optimize grid connections and power transmission to bring renewable energy to where it is needed and overcome the limitations of intermittent generation.

About Ørsted

The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted ranks as the world’s most sustainable energy company in Corporate Knights’ 2021 Global 100 index of the most sustainable corporations and is recognized on the CDP Climate Change A List as a global leader on climate action. In the United States, Ørsted operates the Block Island Wind Farm, America’s first offshore wind farm, and constructed the two-turbine Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project – the first turbines to be installed in federal waters. Ørsted has secured over 2,900 megawatts of additional capacity through five projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Ørsted Offshore’s North American business is jointly headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island and employs more than 150 people.

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