Mining Studio

Reimagining mining to be
safer and more sustainable.
Prospect Mining Studio, a partnership between Vimson Group and Newlab, supports top entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, and prominent researchers to advance the natural resource and mining industries.

The Studio allows teams to build, pilot, and scale solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability to the $1T mining industry. The program explores opportunities in prospecting and surveying, exploration, mine design and planning, closed loop production, and mine closure and mitigation.
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Studio partner
Studio partner

Corporate partners play a vital role in the success and impact of our innovation studios. Joining the Prospect Mining Studio is a unique avenue to collaborate with top entrepreneurs, access real-time research and prototyping facilities, and solve your most pressing business challenges.

Focus areas
Waste Recovery

Capturing more value from minerals while simultaneously reducing carbon footprint through synthetic biology and chemical innovations that improve methods of remediation and valorization of tailings.

Mineral Discovery
and Extraction

Developing data analysis and niche fields like geomechanics and geometallurgy to uncover new methods for the discovery, extraction, and process of minerals.

Energy Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of resource conversion drilling using algorithms that help exceed process objectives and consume as little energy as possible.

Water Management

Integrating the value chain into all components of mine design, operations, and closures, reducing the water required for mineral processing, dust suppression, and slurry transport.

Sustainability and
Closed Loop Production

Advancing synthetic biology, chemical engineering, and data-driven machinery to create closed-loop production cycles in mining.

Worker Performance
and Safety

Setting a new bar for safety using robust, actionable insights from AR/VR, unmanned aerial vehicles, and advanced imaging technologies that ultimately keep workers out of hazardous environments.

Data and Logistics Optimization

Developing platforms capable of foretelling failures, reducing downtime, and increasing operational efficiency using predictive analytics and A.I.

Key dates
Open call
September 13 – December 6, 2019
Propsect Mining Summit
December 11, 2019
Engage phase
January – June, 2020
Demo day
Fall 2020
Spring 2020 cohort
Allied Microbiota
Stonybrook, NY

Identifying beneficial microbes and their enzymes to create sustainable bio-chemicals.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT)
Calgary, Alberta

Converting CO2 emissions from power plants into exfoliated inorganic solids.

Zurich, Switzerland

Combining chemical-sensing technology and cloud-based data solutions to enable monitoring and optimization of cyanide usage in gold leaching processes.

Exyn Technologies
Philadelphia, PA

Using autonomous aerial robot systems (UAVs) to gather data in complex, GPS-denied industrial environments.

Bhubaneswar, India

Developing proprietary additives for dispersants, dewatering aids, flow aids, and grinding aids to reduce ore-processing costs.

Brooklyn, NY

Generating photo-realistic synthetic data to enhance Vision AI models and create limitless amounts of on-demand training.

Lixivia, Inc
Santa Barbara, CA

Using hydrometallurgical technology to refine mineral mixtures including low-grade lime, dolime, steel and iron slag, rare earth metals, and lithium.

LlamaZOO Interactive
Vancouver, BC

Deploying a spatial business intelligence platform to consolidate and visualize organization-wide data in the context of real-world locations.

Novamera, Inc
Toronto, Ontario

Using directional drilling equipment and advanced imaging technology to develop a precise excavation technique that’s sustainable, safe, and economical.

Sudbury, Ontario

Developing A.I. algorithms to improve the efficiency of resource conversion drilling during pre-production activity.

Arnhem, Netherlands

Applying predictive A.I. and Embedded Acoustic Recognition Sensors (EARS) to detect faults in industrial equipment.

Phoenix Tailings
Woburn, MA

Offering an end-to-end, zero-carbon solution for sustainable harvesting of valuable metals from hazardous mining waste.

Pliant Energy Systems
Brooklyn, NY

Conceptualizing, patenting, and developing new technologies in marine robotics, propulsion, electricity generation, and pumping.

RIO Analytics
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Developing A.I.-infused and industrial analytics applications to predict failures of industrial assets.

Tomahawk Robotics
Melbourne, FL

Developing multi-domain robotic control solutions serving security and defense, energy, infrastructure, and assistive robotics markets.