Mining Studio

Reimagining mining to be
safer and more sustainable.

Prospect Mining Studio, a partnership between Vimson Group and Newlab, supports top entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, and prominent researchers to advance the natural resource and mining industries.

The Studio allows teams to build, pilot, and scale solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability to the $1T mining industry. The program explores opportunities in prospecting and surveying, exploration, mine design and planning, closed loop production, and mine closure and mitigation.

Studio partner
Studio partner
Focus Area Partner
Focus Area Partner

Corporate partners play a vital role in the success and impact of our innovation studios. Joining the Prospect Mining Studio is a unique avenue to collaborate with top entrepreneurs, access real-time research and prototyping facilities, and solve your most pressing business challenges.

Key dates
Info Sessions
February 4 & March 2
Open Call deadline
March 10
Finalists notified
End of May
Finalist workshop
Startups selected
Pilot design
Jun - Sept
Fall 2021
Focus areas
Tailings, Waste, and Water Valorization and Reduction

Capturing more value from minerals through synthetic biology, physical, chemical as well as data-driven innovations that improve methods of reduction and valorization of tailings, waste, and water. Conversion of mining and processing byproducts into raw materials for new applications or carbon sinks, creating closed-loop production cycles in mining.

Efficiency Optimization

Maximizing operational, logistics and supply chain efficiency through the deployment of distributed sensors and digitalization. Improving the prescriptive life cycle management of assets, and workforce engagement.

Ore Understanding

Maximizing knowledge for selective winning of ore through the mining value chain from discovery to processing and even mine design. Applications may include advances in real time, remote, in-field and in-line, multispectral and penetrative sensing and data interpretation relating to elemental, mineralogical, metallurgical, physical, trace or even biological properties.

In collaboration with the Canada Mining Innovation Council

Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

Optimizing energy consumption in mining, transport and processing, from sensing and digitalization to novel rock breaking and processing methods. Reducing the carbon footprint of mining processes and machines and new distributed non-fossil energy sources and alternative battery storage.

Worker Performance
and Safety

Setting a new bar for safety to keep workers out of hazardous environments through intuitive visualization and advanced imaging (AR/VR), teleoperations, decision support, and heightened workforce motivation and engagement. Physical protection on a person or system level.